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17m 5 low flatbed semi-trailer

Jan 01, 2019

17m 5 low flatbed semi-trailers are commonly used to transport heavy-duty vehicles (such as tractors, buses, special vehicles, etc.), rail vehicles, mining machines, forestry machines, agricultural machines (such as excavators, bulldozers, loaders, pavers). , cranes, etc. and other heavy-duty cargoes, the lower the center of gravity, the better the stability and safety, the stronger the ability to transport ultra-high cargo and obstacles through the head. Low flatbed semi-trailer structure and loading. Low-profile semi-trailers usually use a concave beam (or well type) frame, and the front section of the frame is a gooseneck. The towing pin on the front of the gooseneck is connected to the traction saddle on the tractor. The gooseneck rear end and the semi-trailer frame Connected), the middle section is the cargo platform (the lowest part of the frame), and the rear section is the wheel carrier (including the wheel). When loading mechanical equipment on a low-profile semi-trailer, it is usually loaded from the rear end of the semi-trailer, that is, by moving the mechanical equipment from the rear wheel frame or removing the wheel, and then fixing the mechanical equipment to the semi-trailer. on.

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