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Air suspension produces background

Jul 15, 2019

Since the birth of the air suspension in the mid-nineteenth century, it has undergone a century of development, and has experienced "pneumatic spring-airbag composite suspension → semi-active air suspension → central charging and deflation suspension (ie ECAS electronically controlled air suspension) System)" and other variations. It was not used in trucks, buses, cars and rail cars until the 1950s. At present, almost all foreign advanced buses use air suspension, and the proportion of heavy-duty trucks using air suspension has reached more than 80%. The application of air suspension in light-duty vehicles is also rapidly increasing. Some cars are also gradually installed with air suspension. In some special vehicles (such as instrument vehicles, ambulances, special military vehicles and required container carriers), the use of air suspension is almost the only choice. .

While China is still in its infancy, the air suspension system is only used on some luxury buses and a small number of heavy goods vehicles and trailers. The air suspension was in the 1991 Gulf War, as Kuwait was a desert and it was a fine sand and soft sand assembly. The US military's Hummer is equipped with a central charging and deflation system, that is, an air suspension; the tire pressure is lowered to reduce the friction between the tire and the ground, so that the tire can be prevented from slipping in the desert, and the tire pressure is reduced in the snow road. The friction of a tire like a desert will increase. This is the drawback of hydraulic suspensions, both air suspension and hydraulic suspension have advantages. The air suspension can reduce the tire pressure and anti-skid, the hydraulic suspension can be high-speed, and it is the advantage of running the mountain and crossing the river.

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