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Axis classification

Apr 15, 2019

Common shafts can be classified into a crankshaft, a straight shaft, a soft shaft, a solid shaft, a hollow shaft, a rigid shaft, and a flexible shaft (flexible shaft) according to the structural shape of the shaft. The straight shaft can be further divided into: 1. The rotating shaft, which is subjected to both bending moment and torque, is the most common shaft in the machine, such as the shaft in various speed reducers. 2. The mandrel is used to support the rotating parts to only bear the bending moment without transmitting the torque. Some of the mandrel rotates, such as the axle of the railway vehicle, and some of the mandrels do not rotate, such as the shaft supporting the pulley. 3. Transmission shaft, mainly used to transmit torque without bending moment, such as long optical axis in crane moving mechanism, drive shaft of automobile, etc. The material of the shaft is mainly carbon steel or alloy steel, and ductile iron or alloy cast iron can also be used. The working capacity of the shaft generally depends on the strength and stiffness, and the high speed depends on the vibration stability.

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