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Axle type

Aug 15, 2019

The axle can be integral, like a huge barbell, and the two ends support the body through the suspension system, so the integral axle usually cooperates with the non-independent suspension; the axle can also be disconnected, like two The umbrellas are inserted on both sides of the body, and each supports the body through the suspension system, so the disconnected axle is used with the independent suspension.

According to different driving methods, axles are also divided into four types: steering axle, drive axle, steering axle and support axle. The steering axle and the support bridge are both driven bridges. Most cars use a front-mounted rear drive (FR), so the front axle acts as a steering axle and the rear axle acts as a drive axle; while the front-front drive (FF) car has a front axle that becomes a steering axle and the rear axle acts as a support bridge.

The structure of the steering axle is basically the same, consisting of two knuckles and a beam. If the beam is compared to the body, the knuckle is the head that he shakes around. The neck is the main pin we often say, and the wheel is mounted on the knuckle, as if a straw hat is on the head. However, when driving, the straw hat turns, but the head does not turn. The middle is separated by bearings, and the head only shakes left and right. Neck - The kingpin is the axis of rotation of the wheel. The axis of this axis is not perpendicular to the ground. The wheel itself is not vertical. We will discuss it in the wheel positioning section.

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