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Bulk cement tank transport semi-trailer

Jan 15, 2019

Bulk cement tanker, bulk cement truck, alias cement tanker, powder material truck. There are closed cargo compartments and automatic unloading devices, and cars used to transport bulk cement. Mainly used in cement plants, cement warehouses and large construction sites, it can save a lot of packaging materials and loading and unloading labor. There are three types of bulk cement cars, introducing:

1. Gravity unloading car: The earliest bulk cement car. It is made up of a common dump truck with a closed cargo compartment top cover. When the cargo is unloaded, the cargo compartment is tilted and the cement is automatically discharged by gravity. This method of unloading can only discharge the cement to a position lower than the compartment, and the cement is flying when the cargo is unloaded, and the blanking area is large.

2. Mechanical unloading car: It was used in the 1950s. It uses the screw conveyor installed on the car to unload the ash, adjusts the height of the screw conveyor, can discharge the cement to different heights, and can reduce the cement flying, but the ash remover is easy to wear due to the direct push of cement.

3. Pneumatic unloading car: appeared in the 60s, it is relatively easy to use. At present, the maximum load capacity of this type of car is nearly 100 tons. Its cargo compartment is a tank container, standing or lying on the frame of the car. The horizontal tank has a lower center of gravity, and the car is stable and has many applications. The can body is welded with a steel plate or an aluminum plate, and can also be made of glass steel. The upper part of the tank has one or more ash openings along the length of the tank to facilitate filling the full tank. The ash port can double as the entrance and exit of the maintenance personnel. A cement fluidization device is arranged at the bottom of the tank. The car is equipped with an air compressor for ash removal. When the ash is discharged, the compressed air is sent into the tank from the bottom of the tank, and is divided into a fine stream by the gas permeable layer of the cement fluidization device, uniformly filled into the cement to form an air-cement mixture, and the cement is along the pressure difference between the inside and the outside of the vessel. The discharge pipe is discharged. The pneumatic unloading method has the advantages of quick unloading ash, less dust flying, and the advantages of flexible long discharge pipe to discharge at any height and distance, and can be operated in the open air on a wind and rain day.

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