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Semi-trailer considerations

Jan 30, 2019

When turning corners, pay attention to the blind spots in the blind spot, especially in the battery car, silently appear suddenly. Always check the tires before you travel.

When reversing, the direction is reversed. Slowly and slow down, the amplitude should not be too big. See the six roads and listen to the eight parties. Don't panic when you are in trouble.

It is necessary to check the vehicle if it is far away. It must be checked: the half shaft screw of the vehicle, the drive screw, the horn, the light, the tire pressure, these are necessary. The place where the accident is compared is the point.

Be careful not to move the steering wheel during driving. Because the body is long and moving, there may be a rollover. Turning the corner should pay more attention. Try to make room for the surplus. Otherwise, the tail can’t get through.

Do not use the "first brake from the rear brake" approach to the brakes. Although doing so can relatively reduce the impact on the engine during braking, it can be dangerous, and it is even worse if you get into the habit. Finally, the company reminds everyone that the new car should always check whether the oil, coolant, battery electrolyte is sufficient during the running-in period, and find that the lack must be replenished in time. After reaching the mileage specified by the manufacturer, it is necessary to go to the service station for the first inspection and maintenance of the vehicle, replace the oil, machine filter, etc., and thoroughly inspect the chassis system. After completing the first insurance, it means that the trailer has successfully passed the running-in period, and it can serve you better.

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