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Steering bridge

Sep 15, 2019

1) Function The swing of the steering knuckle is used to deflect the wheel by a certain angle to achieve the steering of the car; to withstand the vertical load between the wheel and the frame, the longitudinal road resistance, the braking force and the lateral force, and the moment formed by these forces.

2) Key indicators Due to the complicated road conditions, the axles need to have a certain rigidity and strength. The steering wheel has the correct positioning angle and a suitable steering angle. Minimize the quality of the steering wheel and the frictional resistance to the transmission

3) Composition: front axle, steering knuckle, kingpin and hub. Front axle: The cross section is generally I-shaped. In order to improve the torsional strength, there is a thickened part at each end near the two ends, which has a through hole. The main pin is inserted into the hole, and the middle portion is bent downward to form a concave shape. The purpose is to reduce the engine position, thereby reducing the car's center of mass; expanding the driver's field of view; reducing the angle between the drive shaft and the transmission output shaft. Knuckle: A hinge that turns the wheel, it is a fork. The upper and lower forks have two coaxial holes for mounting the kingpin, and the knuckle journals are used to mount the wheels. The two ears of the knuckle pin hole are connected to the fist portion at both ends of the front axle through the king pin, so that the front wheel can be deflected by a certain angle around the king pin to steer the car. The main pin: the function is to hinge the front axle and the steering knuckle, so that the steering knuckle swings around the kingpin to realize the steering of the wheel. The middle of the main pin is cut with a groove. When the main pin is fixed, the main pin fixing bolt is matched with the groove on the upper pin, and the main pin is fixed in the punch hole of the front shaft. The king pin is in a dynamic fit with the pin hole in the steering knuckle to achieve the steering hub: the wheel hub is supported by the two tapered roller bearings on the journal at the outer end of the knuckle. The tightness of the bearing can be adjusted with an adjustment nut (mounted on the outer end of the bearing).

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