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Container Semi-trailer

Apr 30, 2019

The container semi-trailer cargo part is a semi-trailer with a container structure. It is mainly used in logistics systems for ships, ports, routes, highways, transfer stations, bridges, tunnels and multimodal transport. 

1. Specially used for the transportation of various containers. It can be used repeatedly for a long time and has sufficient strength. 

2. The use of containers to transfer goods can be directly loaded in the consignor's warehouse, transported to the consignee's warehouse to unload, and when the car or ship is changed midway, it is not necessary to take the goods out of the box. 

3. It can be quickly loaded and unloaded, and can be easily and easily changed from one transport to another. 

4. Facilitate the filling and emptying of goods to meet the individual needs of customers. According to the customer's need for tooling, the quality is stable and the performance is reliable. Container semi-trailers are special transport trailers that carry containers. In the initial stage of container transportation development, due to the small payload of the container, the quantity is not large, and it is often carried by ordinary trucks. Since the 1960s, with the rapid development of container transportation, countries have successively developed cars that specialize in transporting containers. The size of the loading position of the container trailer is determined according to the standard container size, and a twist lock device for fixing the container is provided at a position corresponding to the four corners of the bottom of the container. Special transport trailer for carrying containers. A twist lock device for fixing the container is provided at the four corners of the loading portion. It is usually semi-mounted, fully-mounted and double-mounted, with a semi-trailer type. The semi-trailer type has a flat type and a skeleton type. The former has a flat cargo platform, and can also be used for shipping ordinary long-sized goods; the latter has no cargo platform, and the container is mounted on the chassis skeleton, and is fixed by a twist-lock device into a semi-trailer. Strength member.