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Heavy Duty Low Plate Semi-trailer

Sep 15, 2019

Heavy duty low-profile semi-trailers are used for trailers that carry very large and overweight shipments. The basic form of heavy-duty trailers is a single flatbed trailer. It generally has the following structure. The frame and the axle are mostly two-axis collinear, that is, there are two left and right axles on one axis, also called two-axis columns. Common single flatbed trailers have 2 to 7 axes. There are 4 tires on one axle and 8 tires on one axis. Therefore, the width of the whole car can reach more than 3 meters. In order to reduce the center of gravity of the vehicle, it is common to use steel wire radial rim tires (see car tires) with small diameter and large load capacity, and each tire can withstand a load of about 4 tons under low speed operation conditions. The frame is made of high-strength alloy steel box-section welded structure. Usually a single-axis flatbed trailer with a 5-axis and two-axis train can carry more than 100 tons.

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