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Light Semi-trailer

Jul 15, 2019

As the name suggests, ultra-light semi-trailers are much lighter than ordinary cars. In the end, it is ultra-lightweight. The definition in the industry is that the car is about the same weight as the ordinary car, and the car is lighter than 15%. If you want to use a semi-trailer, you can achieve a few points: 

1. Reduce the thickness of the board. This can be done with a steel with a high point. High standard steel, high strength, good toughness, fatigue resistance 

2. Reduce the weight of the rear axle. The axle and suspension are now close to two tons, and there are light bridges, disc brakes, four leaf springs, new lifting lugs, vacuum tires, single tires, etc. are all effective methods. Hanging with the airbag, this application is less 

3. Reduce the weight of the accessory. Reduce the weight of the bumper, side protection net, mesh spare tire carrier, tool box, tarpaulin frame, etc. 

4. There is also a suspension rear axle, which is the last bridge that everyone knows can be upgraded when it is not used. The method is to use high-strength (domestic high-grade) steel to reduce its own weight. High-strength steel semi-trailers are lighter in weight than ordinary carbon steel light semi-trailers. The high-strength steel imported from Sweden is used to optimize the design of the semi-trailer. Without changing the load capacity of the semi-trailer, the dead weight of the semi-trailer is reduced by more than 1.3 tons, which can effectively improve the use efficiency of the vehicle. Product Name Ordinary carbon steel light semi-trailer High-strength steel light semi-trailer 13-meter slab semi-trailer 7.0 tons, 5.98 tons. 13-meter warehousing semi-trailer 7.7 tons, 6.68 tons. 13 meters van semi-trailer 8.1 tons 7.08 tons.