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Tank Semi-trailer

May 15, 2019

The semi-trailer of the tank type semi-trailer cargo structure is a tank structure. Mainly used for transporting liquids, bulk materials and bulk cement. 

1. Tank truck series are divided into tank trucks, concrete mixer trucks, powder materials and bulk cement trucks, water supply vehicles and so on. 

2. The tank body is manufactured by three-dimensional design and advanced processing technology. The chassis uses a dedicated chassis from various manufacturers, with advanced technology and reliable performance. A truck with a canned container. Advantages: high efficiency in loading and unloading. Guarantee the quality of the goods. Conducive to transportation safety. Reduce labor intensity and improve loading and unloading conditions. Save packaging materials and save labor. Reduce transportation costs. Liquid tank car: Shipment of fuel, lubricating oil, acid, alkali, water, food and beverage, etc. Powder tank car: transport cement, flour, stone powder, etc. Gas tank cars: transporting nitrogen, argon, petroleum gas, etc., particle tankers: shipping grain, beans, granular plastics and other granular items. Other special tankers: concrete mixer trucks, sprinklers, sweepers, etc. According to the use pressure in the container, the tanker is divided into: low-pressure tanker (the internal pressure of the tank is generally below 0.09Mpa. Mainly filled with water, light fuel oil, etc.) medium pressure tanker (the internal pressure of the tank is generally 0.147-0.294Mpa) High pressure tankers (mainly caustic soda, asphalt, etc.) (the internal pressure of the tank is generally 1.177-3.532Mpa).