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Vehicle Transport Semi-trailer

Jul 30, 2019

Semi-trailer designed with a fence structure for vehicle-transported semi-trailer cargo parts. It mainly carries passenger cars and can also carry passenger cars such as vans, commercial vehicles and jeep. 

1. The body is a rod and cabinet structure. The structure is light and light. Most of them are upper and lower loading platforms. The platform adopts hydraulic cylinder opening, wire rope pulley structure, stable lifting and high positioning. 

2. The structure is light: the whole vehicle adopts the truss structure, the frame is fully loaded, and the longitudinal beam structure of the semi-trailer has no light weight, which is about 30% lighter than the similar vehicle. 

3. Safe and convenient operation: All loading and unloading platform lifting control is reliable, and can be clearly observed and operated accurately. 

4. Suspension system: It adopts the unique leaf spring under-mount suspension system, variable-section leaf spring, and good ride comfort.