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American Type Front Hanger


​The front hanger of American suspension system is named because it is located at the front of the whole system during use. It is connected with the axle through the pull rod and plays the role of pulling the rear part. At the same time, the plate spring is connected with the middle bracket to play a guiding role.





Product Feature

The American Type Front Hanger includes shock absorbers, springs, anti-roll bars, connecting rods and other parts. Between the wheels and the vehicle body is the so-called suspension system, which is responsible for carrying the vehicle body and absorbing vibrations, providing the best ride comfort. The wheel track and toe change little when the wheel is beating. And the driver makes a smooth steering according to the driver's intention, with high and reliable performance.


Product Description

The American Type Front Hanger is a general term for all force-transmitting connection devices between the car's frame and the axle or wheel. Equipped with advanced process, it ensures longer service life and there is no special need of maintaining. On the other hand, our American Type Front Hanger realizes the function to support the body and improve the riding experience. The seemingly simple suspension system combines a variety of forces, which determines the stability, comfort and safety of the car, and is one of the key components of modern cars.

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