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40 Feet Flatbed Trailer with German Style Suspension for Sale Sm05

40 Feet Flatbed Trailer with German Style Suspension for Sale Sm05


​German suspension is mostly used in European market, especially in Germany. In appearance, the German style suspension feels heavy. The thickness of the plate is generally 8mm, and the width of the leaf spring is 10 mm. Therefore, if you want to be equipped with a heavy-duty semi-trailer, German suspension is a good choice.





We are a group of passionate engineers, designers and industry experts, and our mission is to help customers quickly find the Air Brake Chamber, American Style Suspension, German Type Rear Hanger they need at a competitive price. Situated inside the national civilized cities, the visitors is very easy, unique geographical and economic situations. By strengthening the strength of employees, we create extraordinary value for customers and the industry. In the current situation of strong market competition, our company is willing to strengthen cooperation with various manufacturers, continuously improve to meet new challenges and achieve a win-win situation. Strict quality control is executed in each link of the whole production process.

Product Feature

The German Style Suspension is a general term for all force-transmitting connection devices between the frame of an automobile and the axle, and its role is to transmit the force and torque between the wheel and the frame As a matter of fact, it  cushions the impact force transmitted from the uneven road to the frame or body, and reduces the vibration caused by it to ensure that the car can run smoothly.


Product Description

The German Style Suspension is an important assembly that elastically links the frame with the wheels, which is related to the various performances of the car. In addition, it is  composed of some rods, barrels and springs, with proper size and compact design. In order to achieve good comfort, the vibration of the car needs to be greatly buffered, so that the spring must be designed to be softer.


We are going to continue to lead the pursuit of excellence created a unique and exquisite 40 Feet Flatbed Trailer with German Style Suspension for Sale Sm05, working together to build a new world with the community. In order to gain a competitive advantage in the increasingly fierce market competition environment, effective management and control of enterprise operating expenses are particularly important. We always adhere to a high starting point and high requirements, so that our products are leading in technology.
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