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High Quality Air Suspension for Semi Trailer Truck Chassis

High Quality Air Suspension for Semi Trailer Truck Chassis


‚ÄčCompared with the common suspension system, the air suspension of semi-trailer has the characteristics of light weight, strong stability, smooth stability and so on, and the safety factor will be greatly increased. China has begun to popularize the air suspension of semi-trailer.





We believe we will be able to bring you the most satisfactory Trailer Axle With Disc Brake, Flat Semi-trailer, German Style Axle and services based on the principle of excellence, honesty and customer first. We will keep abreast of the new development trends in the market, invest scientific research resources, expand new service areas, and explore the diversified direction of market development. It is our eternal pursuit to exchange our sincerity, hard work and sweat for customer satisfaction. By setting stricter standards and stricter business regulations, we will assume greater responsibility and follow higher codes of conduct. Meanwhile, our access to a large range of factories, coupled with our excellent management, also ensures that we can quickly fill your requirements at the best prices, regardless the order size.

Product Feature

The Semi Trailer Air Suspension softly combines the frame and the axle, effectively absorbing the vibration caused by the unevenness of the ground during driving, while improving the reliability of the chassis and the body electrical system. On the other hand, it can reduce the jump of the cab, thus to greatly reduce the damage to the goods during transportation, effectively prevent the goods from falling down, and improve the quality of transportation. For long-distance, long-distance, frequent starting and braking operations, it can greatly improve driving comfort, reduce driver fatigue, and damage of the road.


Product Description

The Semi Trailer Air Suspension is equipped with advanced process, which has longer service life for use and there is no special need of maintaining. Compared with the ordinary suspension system, our Semi Trailer Air Suspension has the characteristics of light weight, strong stability, and the safety factor will be greatly improved. 


In terms of High Quality Air Suspension for Semi Trailer Truck Chassis industries, our products have been developed according to domestic and foreign markets. In the process of brand innovation and design, we learn from the world's advanced technical experience and try our best to give customers the perfect choice. The overall quality of our company's management and technical team is domestically first-class.
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