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Hot Sale Trailer Suspension- 2axle 3axle American Suspension

Hot Sale Trailer Suspension- 2axle 3axle American Suspension


The suspension system of semi-trailer is the key component connecting the body and axle of semi-trailer. During the operation of semi-trailer, it can transmit various forces, buffer the impact force transmitted from uneven road surface to frame or body, and attenuate the vibration caused thereby, so as to ensure the smooth driving of the vehicle.





The company has gradually developed into one of the largest and most powerful enterprises in the Semi Trailer Axle, Germany Style Air Suspension, Rod Adjustable Type For Trailer industry. We have a large-scale production base. We consistently implement the concept of creating value for customers, and we provide products with competitive prices under the premise of ensuring high quality to meet the needs of different customers.

Product Feature

The shock absorber of our American Style Suspension realizes the function to attenuate the vibration caused by the elastic system.And the excellent shock absorbers help to limit the free oscillation of the spring and improve the riding comfort, with high and reliable performance.


Product Description

The American Style Suspension features advanced process, which has longer service life for use and there is no special need of maintaining. In addition, the elastic elements of our American Style Suspension is specifically designed to withstand and transmit vertical loads, alleviate uneven road surfaces, emergency braking, acceleration and cornering. As a matter of fact, there are various kinds of model options, thus to provide more choices to meet need.

The quality of our Hot Sale Trailer Suspension- 2axle 3axle American Suspension has reached the international leading standards of similar products, and has excellent durability and reliability. The company can achieve today's scale, improving product quality is the key, but to improve product quality, we have to first improve staff quality. We will continue to be in passion, pragmatism, unity and innovation, so that every customer can get the greatest benefit and the best quality assurance.
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