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Steel Air Tanks for Mercedes Benz

Steel Air Tanks for Mercedes Benz


‚ÄčThe air reservoir is used to store the compressed air from the air compressor (air pump), and it is used in the automobile braking, whistle, air suspension and other systems. There are 30L, 40L, 50L, 60L and other specifications of air storage cylinder.





We are providing advanced technology and high-quality services to the Chinese and international markets with a new look, and continue to make our own contributions to the Van Semi-trailer, German Style Axle, Rod Fixed Type For Trailer industry. Our company takes the customer as the center, pursues the product and the service excellence and satisfies the customer's actual demand and the potential demand. We are your reliable partner in the international markets of our products. As our business continues to grow, we will be developing more multiple products to broaden markets globally. Our company is market-oriented and its products enjoy a certain reputation in the domestic market. After years of accumulation and development, we gradually have a complete and effective quality management system and a highly efficient and thoughtful after-sales service system.

Product Feature

The pressure of the gas storage tank shall not be less than 0.8MPa. Each of our products has passed the barometric test that meets the standards of use, with high and reliable performance. Due to the  novel design, high-quality materials, professional and animation design, we do promise that it will maintain the excellent performance all the way.


Product Description

The Air Brake Tanks can be an ideal facility widely used to store compressed air from air compressors. Equipped with advanced process, it plays an important role in car brakes, whistle, air suspension and other systems. There are 30L, 40L, 50L, 60L and other specifications, thus to provide more choices to meet need. Come with to quality carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloy, it is available of high speed operation. 


With the business philosophy of 'customer-centric, market-oriented, and win-win for all three parties', we integrate resources and give full play to professional advantages with an open mind and a scientific and rigorous attitude to continuously promote the development of the Steel Air Tanks for Mercedes Benz industry. We will work whole-heartedly to improve our products and services. Now we have extensive goods source as well as price tag is our advantage.
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